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Understanding Timber

Wood is Arbor Timber's business

Collectively the team has some 200 years’ experience in the timber trade between them! Founder David Kayll has vast knowledge and experience as a timber grader and imparts his expertise to his team, who in turn have an unprecedented shared knowledge base.  Extensive timber stocks are held onsite and with a full and accurate cutting and machining service, customers can select their desired materials and leave with lengths ready to work into their jobs.

Environmental Responsibilities

Arbor Timber is supported by some of the best timber suppliers in the country.  The whole atmosphere gives a feeling of quality and value for money. Unlike nearly all the sheds, Arbor Timber puts quality before price but nevertheless offers very competitive prices for those who understand the value of quality.  A long association with the timber importing trade means we understand the importance of sustainable purchasing.  We make sure we can trace our timber stocks back to ethical sources.

Serving the North East

Everything you need to do it yourself

Our bright and open showroom is a source of great inspiration for our customers. From raw materials, wood products and a selection of hardware, moulding, windows, doors, floors, staircases with samples on display, you will find the right supplies for your project. Alongside the showroom, we stock timber treatment and finishing products and brands that we know and trust, having tested each oursleves. We are always on hand to help and offer sound and honest advice.

A fully managed service

For jobs and projects that require more than simple supply, Arbor can provide a fully managed service. We can advise on the appropriate components required right through to preparing products ready to complete the job, either by your own trades or in partnership with our own installation team.  We can work with your builders and project manager to schedule delivery of suppliers for your job, ensuring accurate time management. Same day delivery offered.