A wooden floor is one of the most naturally beautiful and durable coverings available

Many different species of timber are used for flooring and we offer a large range from softwood Tongue & Groove ready for varnishing or to go under carpet, to fully finished Hardwood flooring to enhance any room. With no two trees being identical, every floor laid has its own unique colour and pattern. The width and finish of the plank - wide or narrow, oiled or varnished - affects the appearance and as it ages the wood continues to develop. Our Hardwood range includes both engineered and solid flooring, so whatever your sub floor is - including underfloor heating systems – we will be able to recommend the right product for you.

At Arbor timber, we believe every floor we put down is a testament to our quality and timber itself.

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Laminate To Carpet Floor Trim - 3' 900mm (Click for Range)

Carpet Cover - 3' 900mm (Click for Range)